CHARMAINE PELAEZ, professional Singer/Guitarist, Electro-Voice Endorsee "Well-known for her soaring vocals over Alternative and Pop Rock Music!"

She has collaborated with chart-topping soul singer Gary Cao at the Malaysian Music Festival 2011 and was invited to sing an original composition in French for a Chinese movie called "The Golden Couple", directed by Malaysian pop star Ah Niu.

Finalists in Singapore's highly publicised televised talent competitions such as;
"Singapore Idol 2006" and"The Final 1, 2013"

In 2011 her career fully took off when she won the "Overtime Acoustic Challenge". As the Winner, she represented Singapore to compete internationally in Malaysia,  where she was placed 1st Runner-Up.

Today you will find her in various venues, performing her own style and rendition of acoustic covers from a wide selection of different genres.

 'The Art of Infusion' as she claims are her future projects as her desire is to infuse the sound of acoustic and electronics.

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